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Easy Health


  • No medical underwriting of individual insured people

  • No waiting periods

  • Attractive premium rates

  • Simplified application

  • Coverage within 3 months after your first day at

  • Option to co-insure family members on equal terms

  • To simplify your application, you will find your agent once a month for your personal advising

You will be covered under the Easy Health policy that includes:

  • In-patient treatments

  • Out-patient treatments

  • Alternative treatments

  • Dental treatments

  • Visual Aids


Best Care Premium

A unique service in Luxembourg


DKV helps you to find a qualified specialist in the event of serious illness:

For an appointment within 5 working days.

  • Second medical opinion from an expert within 5 working days

  • one-off lump-sum compensation of € 500

Travel Insurance

Covers you for any emergency worldwide and on holiday


In case of emergency and for unforeseen treatments on a journey, 

travel insurance covers the costs for:

  • Medical, dental & hospital care

  • Transport to hospital by authorized rescue services

  • Organization and expenses of the repatriation of the insured person

With yourDKV

You can access all your important documents, upload your medical bills for faster reimbursement.

  • Overview of contracts, insured persons, and tariffs

  • Modify your contact information (Tel., Nr., Email) and bank account

  • Submit claims/invoices via smartphone, tablet, PC and scanner

  • Download tax certificates and claim documents

  • Real-time claim processing status

  • Email notification when refund payment successful

  • Get claim billings online (pdf download)

  • Archive your bills in the portal

Our advantage

Fixed price for all coverage period.

€ 66,00 per adult

€ 23,48 for kids

* Coverage is unlimited in time

in all European countries.

One month of coverage worldwide.

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For those who have valid insurance in another company, you have the possibility

to make the subscription now and choose the starting date, for more information

please contact us.

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